About Us

Hello to everyone our names are Terry and

 of course Jake but its more about my son Jake

 pictured below.


Unlike a lot of you lucky people we have no garden

 mainly because we live in a flat,so we had to limit him

 to a certain amount of cages because he keeps and breeds

 them in the front room.we purchased a few birds from a

 fife keeper named George curry and birds from another

 breeder which a lot of people may no,his name is

 Gary Macbeath pictured below.


both Gary and Georges birds are based around the

 same bloodline which is gerald spencers picture

 above so they where compatible,Jake wanted

 to show as a junior but on joining our local cbs found

 that there was no other juniors there so every show 

that he would enter he would have always won best 

junior,no achievement there at all, so we decided to

 enter him as a partnership of father and son so as that he

 could compete against the senior novices, he has not 

looked back and entered shows with the birds he has bred

 himself, .it has now been 5 years that the partnership started

 showing our birds as novices at the fife fancy federation shows

 with many best novice in shows and many colour specials

 achieved but never had a best in show although he came very

 close this year at the East Anglia F F CC 2013 show it has been

 such an achievement and we have now decided to move up from

 novice to champion,we no now that it will be a lot harder showing

 our birds up against all the big names and the numbers of birds that

 they breed compared to the amount we keep, but hopefully we will

 try to hold our own it will be a challenge..jake has still not lost

 interest and at most shows that we enter jake has always been 

willing to help out like for instance helping out in the kitchen to

 stewarding to the judges in which he has done on many occasions and

 hopefully continue to do so.and all results of our achievement we will

 put on our results page.photo of jake below stewarding at the

 East Anglia ffcc  


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