11th January 2016

This weekend was the East anglia fife show and i have never had a more stressed out 2 days,the weekend was spent getting all the show cages ready and preparing all the birds cutting nails and giving them a bath,the worst part was the cage labels never arrived in the post,so i had to phone through to have more cage labels made out for me to get at the show,the birds were all boxed up on the evening ready for a early start on the morning of the show.On arriving at the show i got the cage labels and went and found a quite area so as to put labels on,on doing the labels they were booked in and then i could wind down and relax.with 4 and a half hours to wait until the judging had finished and it was open to us to see how our birds got on, the time was spent meeting up with old as well as new friends,it was nice to finally meet up with dave Shelbourne and have a good talk on how the federation was shaping up and of course have a good laugh on other subjects.we had entered 13 birds 4 cocks and 9 hens and once the hall was open to us we went to see how we got on,the 2 best birds that i put in i wrong classed,put these 2 birds in as clear birds a clear yellow cock and a clear buff hen the yellow cock had some marks on its neck that was grizzled but you really had to look hard to see it,the buff hen had a tick that was just visible again it was hard to see the mark,but it was noticed on judging one of the pitfalls of having poor light indoors but never mind it was our last ever show and i just wanted to enjoy the day.some of my friends could not understand why we were packing in after looking at the birds and see how the birds have improved in the last  couple of years,7 out of the 13 birds got in the cards results on the home page,

24th January

well the show season is now over and people will be concentrating on the coming breeding season,if you have not done so already you will be accessing the birds looking to see what hens to run with certain cock birds and what hens to run as pairs,looking to see what faults in a bird can be rectified in pairing it to the right partner and hopefully improving that fault through there young,as a lot of you no our showing days are over at least for now and as for the future we will wait and see.as for this website and my diary i am carrying that on and i will improve the website with more info on keeping and showing fifes, so for the regular followers  dont give up on reading the site l will improve it.as for the federation website i will try my best to improve that also,as for the following show season and results if it goes like it did last year the support i got from the federation clubs was next to none with just 5 clubs giving me there results,all clubs where sent written confirmation on the new federation website so there was no excuse i can only hope things improve this year. 

13th March

its been a while since my last update due to the fact that most of my birds and cages have now gone,all that i have left is 3 birds 2 hens and a cock,they consist of a variegated cinnamon hen and a self fawn hen the cock is a cinnamon carrier blue cock in which i will be only taking one round from.at the moment they are still in a flight cage and have shown no signs of going down yet.they are still being fed curly kale and broccilli 3 times a week and are given the access to regular baths ,given another week i will seperate the hens off into single cages and the cock bird will be placed in the middle of them both ready for breeding.i no a lot of people have already started breeding with there fifes but i am in no hurry.the show season will soon be here and i dont no all the dates for the coming shows so if anybody can help fill in the missing show dates could you please e mail them to me it would be much appreciated, below a list of the shows but the missing ones that i dont no have not been filled in.



IRISH FIFE FANCY CANARY CLUB                                SUNDAY 16th  OCTOBER

INTERNATIONAL F F C C                                                SUNDAY 16th OCTOBER

WEST OF SCOTLAND                                                     SUNDAY    th   OCTOBER


SOUTHERN COUNTIES F F C C                                     SUNDAY 27th  OCTOBER 

THE NORTH WEST F F C C                                            SUNDAY   th  OCTOBER

SOUTHERN ENGLAND F F C C                                      SUNDAY  6th  NOVEMBER

NORTH WALES F F C C                                                  SUNDAY 6th   NOVEMBER

NORTH OF ENGLAND F F C C                                       SUNDAY 20 th  NOVEMBER       

MIDLAND F F C C                                                           


CORNWALL AND DEVON F F C C                                  SATURDAY 26th  NOVEMBER


WEST WALES F F C C                                                     SUNDAY 11th  DECEMBER

KENT AND SUSSEX F F C C                                           SUNDAY 11th  DECEMBER

EAST ANGLIA F F C C                                                     SUNDAY  8th  JANUARY      

 wishing you all all the best for this years breeding season.

27th March

i have updated the above show dates as best as possible as i only have had 2 people answer me back on show dates, i sent e mails to some of the club secretaries asking them to send me details of there show dates and judges that was over a week ago and as i said only 2 have replied to me such a shame so i will phone them and hopefully get a response,i should not have to do this so it is a wonder why the fifemen of today moan about the way the show scene is and lack of communication,clubs need to promote there shows to the best as they can to attract and get people to attend there shows its the only way forward.as for opur birds i still have not put them down yet i have heard  one of the hens squatting on the perch but i still aint in a hurry to let them go down.i no people have most of there birds either building or on eggs and some have had young hatch over the last couple of days i hope things are going well for you all.  

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